An unfamiliar body in an unfamiliar land

What you can do to help your patients move from ‘stomaland’ to their new ‘homeland’

Profound bodily changes – such as stoma surgery – may leave the patient feeling alienated from their body and their sense of self. In this theme, we explore how stoma surgery impacts a patient’s self-perception – and what you can do to help your patients move from ‘stomaland’ to their new ‘homeland’.


In this section, you’ll find short, inspirational articles on the impact of stoma surgery on a patient’s self-perception and behaviour. These newsletters are based on, or inspired by presentations given at scientific congresses and Coloplast events – or articles published in scientific journals or in the Coloplast Ostomy Life Study.

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An unfamiliar body in an unfamiliar land – from ‘stomaland’ to a new homeland

Stoma formation is a body-altering procedure that can cause people to feel alienated from their own bodies. Instead of being in their ‘homeland’, the place where everything felt safe and familiar, they find themselves in a new, strange place: ‘stomaland’. How can you help them accept their new situation – so they can move safely and confidently to a new ‘homeland’?

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How to understand patient behaviour – and how to affect change

Changing behaviour to adapt to new circumstances after surgery is critical. Why do some patients succeed, while others struggle? What can you, as healthcare professionals, do to fully understand your patients and help them deal with their new situation? Find inspiration in this article.

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A chronic condition means chronic homework

There’s more to having a chronic condition than adhering to treatment. Learning how to live with your condition every day is just as important. Naturally, doctors and nurses play a crucial role in teaching patients how to cope with their ‘chronic homework.’ This article shares tips on how you can become a great teacher.

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Discussing sexuality with patients

Addressing patient sexuality is a critical part of the holistic approach to care – particularly when working with patients living with chronic conditions. This article explores how living with a stoma affects patient sexuality and how you can help tackle this important area when caring for your patients.

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From ‘stomaland’ to a new ‘homeland’

Join Jessica Swinbourne (PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Australia) as she shares the patient’s journey from ‘stomaland’ to a new ‘homeland’.

Ostomy Days 2018, Copenhagen

(9 minutes)